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      She is expecting late                     June 2022             Reserve your puppy today

Harper will have her 1st ultrasound next week and we might have an idea of the number of pups she’s busy working on😊. 

At this point we are pricing the males at $2500.00 and the females at $3000.00.  Price is based on the Miniature size range and will more then likely have the parti coat.   

To reserve your place on the waiting list we will require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit that will go towards the cost of your puppy. 

If for any reason something were to happen with her liter and the puppies are not born, all funds will be refunded immediately.  

Shots are included with your puppy up to the point of adoption with certification to take to your personal vet on your first visit

Her Sire (Zeke) is a Miniature White/Tan Poodle. This litter of F1 Goldendoodles should produce Red/Gold pups with various markings weighing approx 15-35 lbs. and height of 13-20 inches.

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Goldendoodle Perfection-The perfect dog for any family

Our Story...

We are a small-home based breeder in Georgia that offers the personal touch for our furry friends.  Our focus is to offer families the sheer enjoyment of having the PERFECT DOG. Being small, we can assure new doodle owners that our puppies will be well socialized, loved unconditionally and ready to go to their forever homes,  We currently breed F1 Goldendoodles only (50% Golden Retriever/50% Standard Poodles).

In 2015, we lost one of the best dogs we had ever owned. It was heartbreaking and we didn't think we would ever find another dog again.  After several months had passed we decided the house was too quiet and we were ready to find a new furry friend.  We stumbled across this "Designer Pup" and that was it....we were in love! He looked just like a Teddy Bear and from that-he just became "Bear". We treat him as if he was one of our own children.  Literally,THE PERFECT DOG!  

In 2017, I lost my mother and it was truly devastating for me as she was my best friend.  One day in all my grief-I looked up and this perfect furry face starred back at me and simply laid his head on my lap then gave me so many kisses and whiped my tears away.  In that moment, I knew I wanted to share this amazing breed with other families.

So the search began....Harper is our little baby girl that was born July 28, 2017.  We searched far and wide for the best Golden Retriever that would one day make special Goldendoodle pups for others to enjoy as we have.  Harper was born in Ft Wayne, Indiana to a small town breeder.  She became our "Farm Triever". She is simply the sweetest, most gentle dog we have ever known. Harper comes from a Champion Bloodline with all glowing certifications.  All of Harper’s certifications are available upon request.

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My beautiful Golden Retriever



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